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Unusual Agreement


What happens when a werewolf loses its mate?

On some rare occasions, they are given a second chance but our story goes a little different, or so we thought.

Elena Simmons is a young werewolf living in a town called Wolfsby where her pack, called the Midnight Wolves pack, is running the town center.

When she was only 16 years old, she felt her destined mate die leaving a hollow space in her heart, so soon as Elena became old enough to go to college, she leaves the Wolfsby to study Art and Literature.

Scott O’Brien, a young future Alpha of the Midnight Wolves pack. He grew up with Elena and her brother Richard, making it difficult for Elena to bring home any boyfriend to meet her parents who loved and respected Scott, comparing any other male to him.

One day, Elena receives a call from her parents, asked by them to return for Scott’s ceremony to celebrate such an important event. She sees it as a great opportunity for her family to meet her boyfriend; the only problem was that Ryan Patterson is known as a troublemaker, coming from a neighbor pack, the RedRowe pack.

Elena wants desperately to make her parents change their opinion of Ryan so she comes up with a plan to make her parents fall in love with Ryan.

Only that plan involves the young future, Alpha Scott.

Will Scott agree to an unusual proposal and help Elena and Ryan?

Will Scott’s secret stay a secret, known by only a few trusted people, or will Elena reveal it?

What happens if Elena finds out the truth?

Will things change as well as their agreement or is there more to it such as fate or even a destiny involved?

The Island of Truth

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