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The Fire Tamer

Book 1 in Fire Series

“Do that again, I dare you,” he said in a cold, dangerous, threatening tone that had me looking over at him, wanting to challenge him.

Me being me, I couldn’t help myself as I did just that.

“Or what?”

“Lose the attitude, princess, or else it might get you in some serious trouble,” he whispered as his breath caressed my lips, sending tingles all over my body.

“You can’t tell me what to do. You are no Alpha of mine and I will never submit to you, especially to someone who is holding me captive as some low dirt servant,” I spat the words in his face, not caring about what he might think or do.

I was furious and had had enough that he, as my mate, was treating me so poorly.

A smirk made its way onto his lips and he pushed his body in between my legs, startling me with the quick action.

“Is that so, little one? You will not submit to me? We will see about that.”


A prophecy says that a princess will be destined to have two mates; one will be born from the fire itself, while the other comes from the darkness consumed by the evil. Nerissa Caldwell, a 19-year-old daughter of an Alpha, leader of rare shifters that is in hiding from their enemies has been brought to a mysterious man in the middle of the night, right after the battle finished. She is captive, a prisoner brought to him to decide upon her destiny, but what she doesn't know is that the moment she meets him is a moment that will seal her fate forever. What will happen when both of her destined ones, an alpha and a demon, come to her at the same time?

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