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The Moons Gift
volume 2 of book 1

“Shifters, magic, a storyline filled with romance, adventure and suspense… look no further and dive into this enchanting world.”

The Moons Gift volume 2 of the book 1 in The Moon Series
This is a continuation of the story The Moons Gift volume 1 of book 1 and cannot be read as a stand-alone.

Two years later Olivia is all grown up in college and determined to put her younger years behind her as she focuses on her future.
But her newly built walls are tested when she stumbles onto Marcus, the man whose last words haunt her and she was determined to be strong and overcome the pain he promised to bring.
With a new meeting does that mean they'll give into their bond and defy the Law and Elders that forbid it, or will they reject each other once and for all and bring the wrath of the Moon Goddess upon them all?

Will darkness arise bringing war to the lands of shifters or will it be prevented by the choices of Olivia and Marcus?

The Moons Gift: volume 2 of book 1
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